We offer a variety of options to suit all your floor sanding needs. You have the choice of only having your floor sanded and then varnishing it yourself (we offer advice on varnishing for the best results). However, if you wish, we are able to offer a more comprehensive service which would include sanding and varnishing your floor. If your floor requires any repairs we also offer a professional repair service and can undertake additional gap filling with strips of wood if requested.

In order to determine how much it might cost for us to undertake one of the services below use this simple formula:

Length of the room (in metres) x Width of the room (in metres) = Surface area (in sq metres)


Surface area (in sq m) x service you require = estimated price of the work.

Sanding Only From 16 per sq metre
Sanding and sealing (varnishing with 3 coats) From 20 per sq metre
Repairs From 5 per sq metre
Gap filling (with strips of wood) From 2 per linear metre